The Rose City TGirls have been established since November, 2007. It is by far one of the best and most active Transgender groups in the United States. We pride ourselves on earning respect from the entire community around us through our actions.

 It is largest and most widely known Transgender Group in the Pacific Northwest. We have had activities with over a 100 participants and many times 30 or more. Our activities range from golf tournaments to weekly outings and annual trips to the Diva Las Vegas get together.

 We are a very diverse group that ranges from admirers to cross dressers to fully transitioned male to female girls. We have had multiple girls complete their transition from start to finish at the same time helping and supporting others transition along the way.

 We are confident we will continue to grow and support the community in all ways. It is exciting to see so many girls that have had the opportunity to find themselves as a result of the group.

 We are and always will be Proud to be Transgender.

The Rose City TGirls.