Cristine Burnett
Cristine was one of the founding members of the Rose City Tgirls. She supported and attended countless events for not only the Rose City Tgirls but the NWGA, Sage, The Esprit, DLV and Victoria's summer parties. She was also instrumental in the P Club hearings with BOLI where the Rose City Tgirls broke ground on Trangender Discrimination in the State of Oregon with an important victory and new laws set forth. She was known by almost everyone in the community around Portland. She moved to Portland in 2006 when her life began as Cristine. She had hundreds of friends including being a dearest friend to many of us. She was beautiful inside and out and the Tgirl community was her life. We already miss her out with us and will miss her at all our future events...She was the best... Rest In Peace our very good friend. We love you!
Carol was a fabulous person. She prided herself with an assortment of skirts and blouses. She also was awesome with the Halloween parties as each year she brought multiple girls into Portland from all over the USA to attend the parties. She loved our Wed nights at CC's and she was full of fun....gawd did she like to tell a lot jokes....too funny!...thanks for all the good times....hehehe
Morgan was our latest loss. She was one of the sweetest girls you could meet. She had just completed her transition and was loving life. She was instrumental in the success of our Halloween parties as her and Tawny DJ'd the Halloween parties bringing us great music and karaoke. She was a loyal supporter of the Rose City Tgirls. She was just awesome!
Lisa was our first loss. She was one of the biggest supporters of the early years of the Rose City Tgirls. She came to almost all the RCTG and NWGA events. She loved her Wed nights at CC's. Along with her best friend Kelley Davis, the Rose City Tgirl Group was her life. She loved being out as Lisa and it meant everything to her. She will always be missed.
Stefia Satoh
Stefia was a valuable member and very supportive member of the Rose City T-girls. She didn’t go out to many of the large group outings as she was more comfortable going out in public with 1 or 2 girls and liked the smaller groups. She would often get a hold of members for a lunch or dinner out or even a shopping trip. She loved who she was and treated everyone like a sister. She will be missed.
Tonya Yates
Tonya was one of the original members of the Rose City T-girls and was very active in the early years of the group. Tonya had a big impact the people she met. She was active in the LGBT community and was active in helping pass law in Oregon by lobbing before state legislature to protect the LGBT community. She was also a member of the NWGA. She was Cristine's best friend forever...
We so loved Angela. She had fully transitioned years and years ago. She supported all aspects of the transgender world. She had so much fun and was the life of the party at the Diva Las Vegas events. She sure knew how to have a great time! Angela and Keri helped our group begin our journey to Diva Las Vegas. We had some good times and Angela was the best! She will be so missed by all...
Bambi was a long time member of the Rose City Tgirls. She was very active in our community and attended multiple RCTG functions. She was loved by many. It always hurts to lose such a valuable member and someone that has supported so many of us over the years. She was a fantastic person and a very good friend. May she RIP. Our hearts go out to Kris and her family. Kris was awesome in supporting Bambi in her last days.


rip-flowers3May you all Rest in Peace

Always thinking of you